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Ahoy there, and welcome to the forums!  To ensure a positive experience for everyone, we ask that you use these forums in a way that respects all participants.

  • Never insult another member of the community
  • Be respectful and polite, even if you disagree with another poster
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To keep the forums an inviting space for all members of our community we have a few rules you must follow when posting.

  • Call Outs: Do not create threads that call out the names of admins or mods in the title.
  • Petitions: Do not create threads to ask for replies as votes.
  • Punctuation: Ensure not to post in all caps.
  • Spam: Your posts should add value.  Do not spam, or bump posts with short replies.
  • Prohibited Content: Do not post pornography, piracy, game exploits, malware, or other illegal content.
  • Privacy: Do not violate the privacy of others by posting their personal information without their consent.

Failure to follow these rules may result in your post being deleted or your topic being locked.